How shoes are minting money for young business graduate

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When she left campus Nancy Gacheri joined the hotel industry and one year down the line, she met a friend who new how to make shoes.

They decided to venture into the industry because they found it easy to get raw materials given there is a huge demand for affordable footwear around the country.

She saved part of her salary which they used to purchase part of the machines and tools they needed to set-up the business. “I had to be self-discipline to be able to save a good amount of my salary without using it or sacrificing so much in all I desired to do,” says the co-founder of the Ruiru based business.

“I withdrew my savings of KSh180,000 and bought all the assets required in the shoe making business. Before I was able to buy everything, the money I had saved was over, i borrowed more from a relative.”

At the initial stages, she spent her savings paying the employees. She says the firm is targeting to own a ternary for its leather, soles and all the inputs needed for the production of shoes.

The need need to produce quality and lasting shoes from locally available materials has been her motivation.

The company Best Shoes Kenya (BSK) gives back to the community by offering free training to the disadvantaged youths who are willing to learn and grow.


Part of the challenges the business s facing is poor perception attached to locally manufactured products in favour of imported products. Additionally inadequate production equipment’s which we slowly buy more as we sell the shoes to build the business as the machines are a bit costly.

Creating a brand for ourselves has also been a challenge in the initial stages, but through our consistently and adherence to quality has made us build a name for our frequent clients,



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