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China’s online retail billionaire Jack Ma and founder of Alibaba was a serial failure but he refused to give up.

When the popular fast food chain KFC went to China, 24 people went for the job. twenty-three people were accepted. He was the only guy who wasn’t.

He tried applying for a job with the police and out of the five applicants four were chosen and he was told he is a no good.

“Once in your life try something, work hard at something. Try to change, nothing bad can happen.” Said Jack Ma.

Jack failed his final examinations several times in primary and high school and when he tried to apply for college he failed his entrance exams three times before being accepted into Hangzhou university.


He applied for entry into Harvard University ten times and failed to get in. Ma also says he tried to apply for jobs at least 30 times and got rejections for all of them.

The Chinese entrepreneur who is now a key speaker in major global events addressing world leaders had also started two business ventures and failed.

But in 1999, he started Alibaba and could not get any revenue for at least three years. The company is now worth more than $190bn and his net worth is about $24bn.

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