Common networking goofs people make

In General

When attending an event whether for business or professional networking you need to be in your best etiquette and keep off age old mistakes that people make every day to avoid losing opportunities. He are some of the things you should not do.

Hanging around people you already know

Unless you are not interested in growing, avoid the people you already know and approach new people cautiously. Get to know someone you don’t know, it is the only way you will know something you don’t know. Do not stand in some corner alone like a sick chicken.

Don’t be Selfish

When meeting people you do not know, listen to their story carefully and try to connect them to solutions or something that can make them better. Be resourceful. No one forgets people who helped them. When you show yourself resourceful people will want to know what you do and referrals will flood in.

Don’t be a know it all

The mistake a lot of people do when meeting new friends is talking without stopping, they denie themselves an opportunity to hear what they do not know. Listen to what others are doing in life and see whether you can learn from what they do.

Have your goals clear for the event

Have a strategy for the day and specifically for the event, get there early and be in your best mood, know what you want to get from the session.

Look good

You don’t have to look expensive, just look nice. People fear shabbily dressed people, no one wants to hang around someone who looks they are in the wrong event and or looks they have lost it. You will be judged before you speak, so don’t wreck it too early.

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