You will no-longer need experience to apply for that job

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Job posting platforms everywhere could be doing very little to solve the ancient problem of our modern world.

Must experience, as we usually see on such platforms or even newspapers, be “at least ten years”?

No wonder many will never see the insides of a corporation for good. But who said we must all be on an “enslaving and suffocating” payroll? No one.

That is why job marketing platforms could be pointless and outmoded in our time and day. They could have been pointless and outmoded even in ancient times for the reason that their so called jobs are meant only for the lucky, the favored and so called experienced.

Such sentiments lead to one eye-opening story of one 21 year-old in one reputable university in Kenya who has also been asking such questions and seems to have found the right answer(s).

Stubbornly focused on experience

Theirs is a platform that seeks to help students and other inexperienced people acquire the experience necessary for the field they belong and in the process make them highly marketable or employable.

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“Up to 90 per cent of job offers in the country are stubbornly focused on professionals and experience, whatever that means, ” begins Benerd Nyagaka, co-founder,

“Yet even if it is the case that experience is highly required, or that it matters, where will new graduates get it from, conveniently and affordably for that matter?” enquires the third year University of Nairobi Economics and Statistics student.

That is why, he says, they came up with Onesha, “the professional showcase platform”.

“It enables young people to display their best work in order to get connected to lucrative employment opportunities, ” describes Nyagaka, Director of Business Development and Operations in the young company.

He adds that by uploading images, videos or audios (or all of them) of their work , young creatives anywhere can get a chance to prove their worth before potential employers and thereby stand a good chance to get jobs, internships, scholarships or even investors.

“We hope to sign up more students and other creatives from fields such as engineering, art and design, hairdressing, film and animation, computer
science, IT and so on, as long as they can create portfolios, “says the entrepreneur-mentor.

Nyagaka says at the moment they have mobilised more more than 3,000 students right from high school, college and university to register and
showcase their creative talents on Onesha.

“And we plan, when we launch in January, to commercialise the platform by charging each student up to 1,500 a year to post their portfolios, but institutions posting jobs will have to pay higher.”

At the same time, he says that the award winning platform can be used by learning institutions for monitoring student projects.

“Just recently, we participated in a global students entrepreneurship awards competition in Thailand where we took the first position and walked away with 20, 000 US dollars. ”

Besides, they shined at the recent Africa summit on innovation and entrepreneurship held at United States International University (USIU) by being the best startup exhibiting.

At this point, Nyagaka also highlights the challenges their young business faces :

“Though we intend to scale the platform countrywide, funds is a big hindrance to see us bring on board at least 60, 000 students by end of 2017 and 400,000 by end of 2018, ” he says.

Nyagaka sees the company he started last year with his own Helb money (only Sh22,000) become something bigger and better in the not so distant

“The seven of us are planning to spice up Onesha by incorporating the Onesha Creative Market, which is a platform for selling projects, among other initiatives, “he reveals.


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