Kaspersky warns of a cybercriminal Christmas

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Attacks on websites and bank accounts is on the rise this festive season, with banks warning their clients to watch over their internet password even as anti-virus maker Kaspersky says attacks have spiraled in the run up to December.

According to the latest on online security research, an individual on Social Media is affected by malicious software every 10 seconds, while an online business is disrupted every 40 seconds.

Several banks have warned their clients to regularly change their passwords and be watchful citing the risk of higher attacks this season.

“This represents a threefold increase from an attack every 2 minutes in January to one every 40 seconds by October, ” explains the 2016 Kaspersky Lab report.

” Furthermore, for individuals, the rate of increase went from every 20 seconds to every 10 seconds. “

One in every five small businesses

In more detail, the analysts also found that one in every five big businesses worldwide suffered an IT security incident and one in every five small businesses never got their data back, even after paying the criminals.

“At the same time, it should be known that some industry sectors are harder hit than others in this case education 23 per cent, retail and leisure 16 per cent, ” add the researchers.

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And the insidious interruptions include disk encryption, where attackers block access to, not just a couple of files, but all of them at once.


“Another approach would be to download and install spyware instead of encrypting a victim’s files, ” reveals Kaspersky Lab.

“They need to be extra vigilant and seek help immediately in case of an issue, ” advises Evans Kahuthu, online security expert at ICT Authority.



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