Why successful Kenyans pick up strange calls

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Having worked as a journalist for a leading media house for a considerable time, I had the privilege of calling and meeting anyone I wanted and this is what I picked from successful people.


One major thing I come to realize is that when you call most successful people with a strange number, they are more likely to pick up the phone than a mediocre person.

They will never tell you they are busy, instead they will say “call me after two hours or let me call you back.” They know the person on the line is just as important as their best customer.

Hunger for knowledge

People who are successful are always hungry for new information. My former job allowed to me to call and interact with almost everyone in high places and one thing is true. They are hungry for new information especially relating to their business, they know that new information can change their lives overnight.

They have plans covering decades

Big names in business and every other field must plan, they can visualize where they will be decades later on in business and other facets of their life. Most average people only think about tomorrow but most people see the future as it should be and start making it today, that can be even 20 years to come.

They possess a lot of energy

The energy we are talking about here is emotional power, this can be seen sometimes in the conviction of their speech and walking style, but most of the time it is the quite invisible stream of resilience.

They value relationships

This people have realized after hitting the roof that it can be lonely at the top and therefore look for satisfaction from real people and not bank accounts. They value family and friends.

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