Young techie finds life in fashion

In Inspiartion

Young people dying to look their best on their big day but can’t quite afford, now have a seemingly working alternative: rather than buying, they will simply be renting the special outfit at a pocket-friendly cost.

And this at their convenience, night or day.

Now almost five months old, Kopa Klad, soon to be Kladika, is giving the traditional cash-sale fashion retailers a smooth run for their money.

According to its young founder, the online shop offers youth aged between 20 and 30 years the chance to look their best at an affordable price and with less hassle.

We want everyone to look as amazing as they can imagine and even more, but without having to part with an arm and a leg to do it,” notes Muthoni Mwangi, adding, “You don’t have to be a celeb to rock out like one!”

At the same time, she says Kopa Klad will have you looking fabulous whether it is at the office, at a party, formal event or if you just want to look funky and fresh on any given day.

Looking to scale in the new year, the 22 year-old graduate of the University of Nairobi reveals that the young outfit shop, now raking up Sh30, 000 a month, started in a small way.

I had only Sh10, 000 which I used for two suits which I hired out.”

But now they comfortably deal in wedding gowns, men’s suits, graduation gowns and a range of modern outfits.

And to show you that the demand is quite impressive, we get about 10 people enquiring every day,” says Muthoni.

Using the model which she describes as Consumer to Consumer (C2C), she says Kopa Klad is also for anyone looking to sell or lease their wearables at a fair price.

That not withstanding, she says she faces a number of challenges including many retailers balking at the concept of renting for the fear of losing their valuable outfits to unscrupulous customers.


Even so, Muthoni says there is hope for huge success since she has already managed to get up to five fashion retailers on board and they allow her a commission of up to 25 per cent on cash price of the outfit, charging the person renting the clothes not more than Sh1,500.

I work with, among three others, Amanda Fashions and Nyambura Gowns,” she reveals.

Suits can be let for two days, graduation gowns five days, wedding one week, and other kinds of wearables can be negotiated,” says Muthoni.

She adds that upon delivery, clients out of the CBD can expect to part with no less than Sh300.

And what, she says, is unique about Kopa Klad is that after a shopper selects their style, they get fitted online, they place the order as they expect the package in three days maximum.

Upon returning, the outfit can be dropped at a specified location, and “we will handle the cleaning.”



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