How to reduce the cost of feeding your dairy cattle

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Many entrepreneurs especially in cattle farming are normally put off by high cost of dairy farming especially the cost of feeds, but farmers say these should not be the case especially for those starting out.

Timothy Barasa, a farmer in Bungoma with three cattle says that one should have a farm of fodder ready before he brings or purchases the cattle to reduce the cost and ease of getting feeds.

One should also use available labour especially people who are idol at home including students who have closed school to feed the cattle.

One should also have a source of water nearby for instance a borehole in the home since cows drink a lot of water for maximum production.

Small spaces or paddocks for cattle to relax and graze will save on the amount of feeds cattle eat and hence save on feeds.

Supporting plants such as corn or sorghum and even potato vines can be substitutes in to supplement the diet since they are rich in energy.

After harvesting the above farms, the cows can now be allowed to feed on the stocks of the leftovers in the farms alongside the normal feeding.

Special feeds such as concentrates should be used mostly when the cow is in milk production stage to increase output and not throughout to cut on costs.

Keep the cow healthy so that production can increase and reduce the cost of overall cost of food. Those with swampy locations can extract the grass from the swamps to feeds the on cattle.

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