How to differentiate yourself for personal success

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‘Who am I?’, as a matter of fact, is an age-old question with a strong influence on the present.

And how you answer it and develop it, has been–and undoubtedly will be– the real difference between really successful professionals and struggling ones.

How can this be? The time-tested simple answer, in other words, is just this: how you see yourself and how others see you (and how you carry yourself) can either attract or repel people and opportunities. Still not convinced?

Then you are the right candidate to attend and obtain a certificate on the upcoming “Personal Branding Skills” training  by Recours Four Kenya Consultants on Saturday, March 11 this year at Best Western Premier hotel in Nairobi along Argwings Kodhek Road.

The six-hour course running from 2 PM to 7PM , is essentially designed to help participants understand the importance of branding themselves and why it is critical to their career.

“Your image and brand need to benefit you not only in your organisation but also in today’s culturally diverse world, ” write the trainers on the event site.

Favourable impression

However, they note, making a strong and favourable impression in business or otherwise is far more than following a list of do’s and don’ts.

“You must perfect an authentic (professional) image–your own unique ‘brand’– that’s truly right for you and nobody else. ”

So it follows that by attending the critical seminar, the organisers say, you will have the opportunity to assess your own image and begin to develop every aspect of it to one that will help you pursue your career with greater self-esteem and confidence. Yet how?

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Recours Consult has lined up at least ten elements that the participants will cover including how to make a good first impression, identify your professional strengths and promote them to gain credibility, visibility, and presence, as well as how to use strategies to manage your online brand and reputation.

Also, for only Sh5,000, the class will go through the fine art of developing a network and building strong relationships, maximising your communication strengths by understanding your style, among others.

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You will even be able to know how to carry yourself with confidence.


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