How to recover from the nightmare of lost time

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The year we are wearing down slowly in productive or unproductive living has, like all gone before, a special way of asking us and rewarding or punishing us for how we use it.

That is why we should care a great deal about our use of time, the obvious real difference between accomplishment and failure, in the short or long run.

But do we care enough about time? Apparently not. Why, the innumerable opportunities we missed and probably will miss, have and will bear me out, unless we care enough about the limited resource called time.

Yet how do we show that we care, to begin with? We have to take the earliest opportunity to teach ourselves how to take pretty good care of time. Otherwise we may never get the time, to our own detriment.

I don’t have time

But what if some should still say they would not take up the challenge right now but much (much) later? Lao Tzu says time is a created thing. To say “I don’t have time” is like saying, “I don’t want to”.

Mother Teresa says we have only today. Let us begin. So can we begin? I thought so.

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So from now until February 11 at 2:00 PM, we should be doing a self-study on the proper use of time. From 2 PM onwards, we should be learning under the experts who will be at the Boma Hotel in Nairobi for only six hours and we will be good to go.

Exhaust yourself daily

But before you appear for the critical class, Recours Four Kenya Consultants is asking whether you almost always find yourself overloaded with work. Do you also feel so stretched to the limit you can’t set priorities? Or do you exhaust yourself daily without accomplishing your goals?

If yes to any of the above, the Effective Time Management Skills training “will help you identify causes of procrastination and indecision, pinpoint personal time-wasters and increase your concentration and focus.”

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The participants will then proceed to learn, among other aspects of time management, how to set and accomplish goals, create priorities and establish realistic boundaries,
recognize and deal with time-wasters, improve concentration and efficiency.

They will also get working tips on how to break indecision and procrastination habits, use technology to help manage time as well as create and recharge positive energy.

Until then, we all have to be eagerly waiting with no more than Sh5000 for a certificate, training materials, and snacks.


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