Why the customer is your business

In General

The dire need for excellent service in any place goods and services are exchanged cannot be over-emphasized.

Yet, because we tend to fall short at very critical points in the business of serving others, meticulous and exceptional customer service delivery needs to be re-emphasised both for the sake of the person serving and the business itself.

Sloppy customer service

We all know how true that is. In any case anybody serving another but misses an element that would have made the service memorable and repeatable must be disappointed at least double because first, the customer is unhappy and second, a service or a good has not been bought, and money has not been made, and the business has suffered a loss!

Hence we must take sufficient care to avoid sloppy customer service at all costs–in the new year at least–by becoming students and rigorous practitioners of such an indispensable art.

That said, Recours Four Kenya Consultants, one of the leading HR management and training firms in Kenya, is targeting, among other participants, customer service managers, technical and support personnel, field service representatives, account managers, and business owners for a six-hour refresher course on “Excellent Customer Service Skills” at The Panari Hotel, Mombasa Road.

Exceptional skills

The seminar to set sail at 2.00 PM on Saturday, February 4, is designed to help candidates acquire exceptional skills on how to quickly detect customer expectations, gain repeat business, increase their credibility with customers–and their value to the organisations, among other important capabilities.

“In today’s customer-oriented business environment, ‘people skills’ are critical for personal and organizational success,” write the organisers.

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Therefore “this training on providing good customer service gives you the skills you need to communicate professionally, gain respect, enhance customer relationships and secure an overall competitive advantage through efficient customer service management.”

Reduce stress

The module to be appreciated at not more than Sh5000 entails short units such as the benefits of providing good customer service, focusing on customer service excellence and success, how customer service creates revenue, why customer satisfaction is based on perceptions, focusing on customers’ top two expectations to save time and reduce stress.

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Other pertinent areas Recours Four Consult has lined up for the taking include managing customer expectations by personality style, dealing with difficult customers, as well as responding effectively to specific customer behaviours.


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