How to know you are ready to quit job

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Many people are caught up in a dilemma between quitting and staying in a job they no-longer consider rewarding and this drains them every day.

Many at times people quit job for the wrong reasons and later regret and here are some of the key things to consider before walking out.

When every day you come in the office in the morning and you are bored before you start, that’s a surefire sign you are in the wrong place.

Apart from the fact that you are no-longer excited with your job, you must also know where you want to be and make plans to get there before quitting. But most importantly, you must be very sure that you are no-longer interested in the job, now and in future, no matter how broke you will become months later after you have quit.


If you are headed for entrepreneurship, your mind must be clearly made up no matter the situation. Do not step out for the money but rather to be incharge of your life, to think and work for yourself and remove the limits of employment.


Make sure it has nothing to do with a colleague or a boss since none of you owns that company and therefore you need to fight instead of quitting.

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Save some money whether you want to quit or not, it will cushion you when you step out and even give you the confidence to quit.


Ensure you pay off most if not all your debts. This therefore means that quitting is something you have to plan and implement over time and not a onetime decision.

Do not burn bridges

Do not burn bridges, maintain a good rapport with your contacts at your current employer because you never know. It’s a small world, your current employer may want services from your company based on your area of expertise.

Enquire from everyone who depends on you and prepare them that you will no-longer be able to bring a fat cheque like before, that times will be hard. If you have a family of your own, this may be more hard.

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You need to ensure you have sufficient savings and agree with your spouse that this is the right move for the family. You need to also start the venture before quitting to test the viability of the project.

Fear of failure

Do not be afraid of failure, most of us in Africa are behind because we laugh at people who fail, we consider them stupid, but safety and stability are the root cause of mediocrity.

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