The aeronautical engineer who gigs up in deejaying

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Working in an airport hangar looks like one of the best jobs ever, especially fixing faulty aircraft engines and signing your name under each engine you repair.

When we ran into Marko Okumu at the Wilson Airport, the Arusha based engineer was in his apron supervising aircraft engineers and looks like anything else but a deejay.

Growing up in western Kenya, Marko Okumu never new he would end up an aeronautical engineer, a job he says he loves despite the long hours needed and the constant noise of planes taking off and landing.

Tied up on employment all day, the need to have an income generating side gig is always at the back of many people but making it work is another story all together.

Night outs

He has invested in sound equipment and formed a company called due to his deejaying passion since he was young, buying one at  a time.

Earlier on in his job, he used to go out at night to perform his gigs but his work is so demanding he had to give up spending nights out to reserve his energy for his day job.

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The gig also provides employment for other people making multiple benefits for the society.

He has two deejays and caters for corporates and events such as weddings but says lack of time to allocate to the business is his main challenge.

Expensive to start

He says the business is also expensive to start, it needs at least a minimum of Sh1m adding that he started buying one equipment a time beginning with a laptop.

“Our goal is to give good service by having quality sound instruments,” he says. Demand for public address and entertainment systems is growing due to improving lifestyles on better economic times and urbanization even as the corporate sector expands.

mixerA mixer, part of the sound equipment

The company had a branch in Tanzania but the owner says due to logistical challenges of having to transport equipment, he cannot not manage.

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He sites competition as one key challenge in the fast growing industry. There has been a rising tide of young entrepreneurs who are eager to make a coin on the side from their passion meaning that one does not have to leave his passion underutilized.

He says he dreams of expanding his entertainment company by providing better sound equipment.

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