How to know your startup has hacked it

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Building a startup is not not for the faint hearted and sometimes one ends up alone in the trenches and most people start showing interest when all the dirty work has been done, here are just a few wins to celebrate along the way and signs that you are heading in the right direction.

When you stop using your savings

When you no-longer have to poke hands into your account to finance the daily running of the startup including office  rent and paying for internet but instead the company can  produce the necessary cashflow to sustain itself.

When you hire your first employee.

When the startup from its own cashflow can hire and sustain at least one or more employees, you definitely know you are upto something big.

Can I join your company

When you start attracting funding interests from people who had otherwise said the idea is going nowhere. When people start asking for shares in your startup, it means your brand is bigger than it was before.

When sales are easier to come by

Perhaps this should have come at the top, when sales are streaming like water and your costs are checked, it is a surefire sign that the company is scaling higher levels.

Getting recognized

When you start getting invited for awards at major events, you know you are becoming a force in the market and you are being marked by the competition.

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Market players know you

When you don’t need to be introduced in key events, when big names in that sector know you before you introduce yourself.

When your company can run without you

If the main operations of the firm can continue without any hitch when you are not around, you know that you now have a company.


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