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The Risk Takers team decided to compile a least of enterprising young people who faced their fears and went out to immediately transform their imaginations into action and here is that list.

Tesh Mbaabu


At the age of 21, he was running four businesses. The former computer science student started his businesses while in campus and never looked for a job after completing school but went ahead to found several companies, including Mesozi which is a software technology company.

He also cofounded, an online retailer of authentic and exciting merchandise and experiences. Tesh is confident and knows very well what he is capable of.

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Tesh is a real risk taker and his curiosity is taking him on travels around the world.

Becky Wanjiru


When you happen to get a job in a bank without a degree, many at times the society expects you to hold onto it and work hard. But some people are just not created to keep jobs. They are comfortable being on the streets and fighting it out on their own.

Becky Wanjiru quit her job to do something unusual, sell socks to celebrities and she pulled it off. Her parents couldn’t just get it but it worked. Becky like such other people is confident and unique, the characteristics of successful people.

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She has since tailored her market around the top end of the society where the margins are high.

Mark-Denver Karubiu


When he was in second year, he got a deal to do photography for a well to do company and the pay was tremendously good. He dumped campus to create company that is now valued at Sh5million and grateful he jumped.

“What you must know before we go deeper is that, in the fullness of time, I had to make a serious choice between a course that would cost a fortune to complete but risk languishing jobless for a while or even for good, or go for a Sh1 million plus video making deal,” the CEO of Paragon Timelapse told Risk Takers.

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Since then, he adds, their young business has been securing even bigger projects thanks to the quality of work the team of five delivers.

Lewis Ngugi


He quit a well-paying job for the flexibility of choosing his own clients, he puts the interesting part of his job ditching story as follows :

“In fact, after I had worked for someone for only seven months, I felt all the more the need of having the flexibility to choose my clients as opposed to having them chosen for me and forced on me, so I decided to quit without looking back.”

But since he had only Sh10,000 in his pocket, he knew he was in for tough times for as long as he had nothing lucrative to do.

“The many bills I had were driving me crazy, but I had to live anyway, ” he says. He has managed to build a solid base of clients.

“They include Capital FM, which, since contracting me, are pestering me with a formal job offer, which I won’t fall for. Safaricom, Taafrija, Binary Software, Graduates International Corner, Asiatic Rhythms, are others.”

Muthoni Mwangi


The former computer science student and tech enthusiast discovered a gap in the fashion market and moved to seal it. She hires out expensive dresses and suites to those who can’t afford them for that one day event.

Instead of worrying about a job, the 22 year graduate spends her day attending to at least ten customer enquiries every day, which is enough to keep her busy and make a good income.

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Kelvin Nzioki Musyoka


He started out by selling second hand clothes commonly called mitumba in kenya back in 2011. He failed due to inability to cover operating costs such as rent.

The urge to start a brand and make it big grew in me in such a way that I decided to abandon the business and now begin manufacturing from scratch. He is now an employer and his business is growing.

Being in the industry for 2-years now he had his better share of achievements one being in the runway with Slum Fashion Africa-the first fashion hub in East and Central Africa.

“I have participated in Malindi Fashion week held by Shado Media Group, I have also partnered with Urban Night fusion in Michael Joseph centre and Lavington exhibitions, I have worked with Wecreate Centre in Lavington where I’ve met designers and entrepreneurs from different areas,” he says. The risktaker is seeing great times ahead.


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