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Private Investigator Jane Mugo

At the age of twenty-one she was an informer meeting with the big names in Kenya’s intelligence circles to deliver intel on crime back home in Gichugu.

She went to the same school and comes from the same neighborhood with Martha Karua and Njoki Ndung’u, justice and discipline runs through the blood of them all but she chose a risky and more hands on approach.

Despite threats on her life and rogue police officers who collude with criminals to subvert justice, Jane has by sheer force of character helped transform a once little known industry into a thriving market full of endless opportunities.

Body guards

A few minutes before we met, we had expected to meet a very serious face with little to share but Jane showed up more relaxed but very professional and time conscious repeatedly updating us on the time she might arrive and the possible delays.

On arriving she asks to sit in way that gives her a wider view of the surroundings, saying she didn’t come with her bodyguards, even-though she credits God for her security.

Catholic nun

When she left Karoti Girls High School, she tried her hand in being a nun but she realized she was not meant to be just a good person but to do something about the bad guys. She would later drop it saying she was made for a detective job.

But just like many, she started off with the much hated sales job in an Asian run hardware after which she opened her own. The pioneer private investigator had managed to create a business in a market that was almost non existent.

Her sense of community responsibility got her hired as a security coordinator by the elders and her close connection with the then area MP Martha Karua to whom she reported the cases.

She grew up in rather crime prone area and that also shaped her choice of career, she wanted to do something about it rather than just pray it away, but turning that into a business needed a lot of learning, training and meeting new people who could not be found in Gichugu.

Gift made room for her

Her gift made room for her to work with senior intelligence operatives in the country, she got roped into police investigation as an undercover officer where she helped lure and burst criminals.

In 2003, she got hired by a former CID director who had started his own private practice and later launched her own freelance gig dealing from hotels.

She could get deals to perform private investigation for people and one day she got a good deal that paid her really well after which she set up her own company.

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When we met her, the Trimo Security chief executive had just come from Uganda and Tanzania where she was overseeing work for her clients. Her business assignments straddle countries as far as Turkey, to Netherlands and South Africa.

Her work ranges from training security security personnel, helping spouses track cheating partners and lost cars and helping corporates get the right employees and many others. She has 10 employees and is set on expanding her horizon. She insists on people settling scores out of court and reconciling marriages instead of people opting for divorce.

When the interview ends, she drives off to pick her first born from school, whom she jokingly says wants to suckle.


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