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sell your business

People sell their business for various reasons and here are some of the signals or signs that it’s time to sell your entity before you take it down to earth.

A Nigerian company which deals in listing companies for sell and offers a free valuation tool for startup owners shares some of the signs that you are ready to let go off your company.

No longer interested.

According to a Nigerian online company exchange platform CompexAfrica, when one is no-longer interested in the idea behind the company then its time call it a day because passion and interest are the engine for the success of any entreprise.


Businesses need time to run, they need your full attention or they are going to stagnate or deteriorate. If one feels they no-longer have time to manage their business, they its time to late go if no one else can be assigned to do the job well.

No-longer a risk taker

A time comes in life when nolonger interested in a high paced business environment, you are better off left alone to enjoy your life. Risk-taking is almost synonymous with entrepreneurship. To start and support your own business, you’ll have to put your career, personal finances and even your mental health at stake and it’s because they don’t have much value in their companies yet to lose.

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As the company grows, so does the value at risk? Owners who are older no longer have the luxury of time to spend years on damage control fixing bad strategies, so they avoid those risky situations, so they make the smart business decision.

Mergers and acquisitions

There has been a surge in mergers and acquisitions on the continent especially in the small companies’ sector boosting morale among startup owners and offering hope for those seeking a way out of their businesses.

The companies exchange offers liquidity for companies making it easy for one to value their firms relative to preceding deals in the market place.


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