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Why do we happen to miss out on what is so crucial to our success in life sometimes?

Why do leaders happen to miss out on what is so crucial to the success of their organisations sometimes?

Fortunately, the answer readily coming to mind is just this: how we do our things, for better or for worse.

To set us off in our attempt at exploring our work culture, which is either good or bad, we need to know upfront that the successful and sound organisation of the future is an organisation where everyone is a leader, in their own way.

Lead themselves

“It is only when people are able to lead themselves that they are actually empowered to be creative and innovative as well as to achieve the highest level of personal performance and achievement,” indicate Sales Talk International.

Meanwhile, it is helpful to note at the very beginning of the discourse  that a leader’s personal motivation, emotional intelligence and self-image are key to how they perform, respond and lead.

Worth your while

That is why it is worth your while to know firsthand how this really comes about.

“The Effective Personal Leadership course builds on existing strengths and focusses on the required attitude and behavioural changes needed to cope with the pace and fast changing nature of modern life and business,” point out the organisers of the one-day workshop.

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And as to how you stand to benefit specifically,  Sales Talk International write on Eventbrite:

“Through this course, you will be able to develop clarity, vision and purpose in your leadership by first defining  your personal values and goals. “

Positive impact

In the end, the participants should look forward to becoming strong leaders, mentors and coaches who will increase personal and team productivity, thereby having a greater positive impact on their organisation’s future.

“In other words,  at only Sh5,000 per person, participants of the Personal Leadership training squarely stand to achieve their full potential.”

Therefore, anyone interested in advancing their career by demonstrating more credibility, poise and presence in business interactions, team meetings, presentations and customer interactions should attend the seminar slated for Thursday, March 2 at After 40 Hotels on Nairobi’s  Biashara Street.

Hands-on skills

Widely recognized as one of East Africa’s premier sales training companies, Sales Talk International, founded in 2011, has since been  delivering hands-on skills, management programs and team building trainings for organizations ranging from giant companies to start-ups.

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“Using onsite training, seminars and off site trainings programs, we help  organizations do what they do better by effecting measurable improvements in the most critical aspects of sales process.”

To date,  Sales Talk boasts having trained more than 10, 000 sales people and more than 50 companies across East Africa including Phillips Pharmaceutical, Abbott Kenya, Stanbic Bank, Neurotech Ltd, PRC and  Knight Frank, to name just a few.


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