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Without question, a business is as good as its manager, but how to net and retain a good one—at all costs?

Many, even after numerous attempts, still do not have the faintest idea yet on how to recruit and keep right and good talent for all it’s worth.

So they throw up their hands whenever that question comes up. But that will not be the case anymore because that exceptional employee can at last be attracted and retained for the longterm.

Why? Because Yusudi says so and they are ready to give you the keys to the kingdom of right and delivering talent.

For two hours between 4.30 and 6.30 PM on Wednesday, February 22, a team from Yusudi, a rising life skills development firm, will be coming down to Mettā Nairobi to deliver quick working tips on the delicate art of recruiting and retaining valuable employees.

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How to attract and retain the right talent for your SME or start-up

“Recruitment for SMEs and start-ups can be a painstaking event. How do you bag incredible talent if you cannot offer the highest salary in the industry? How do you maintain little or no turnover in your company and reduce the cost of training employees?

Join the team from Yusudi and find out ways to improve your employee attraction, retention and finally get to know what talented people are looking for in the workplace, ” explain Mettā on their site.

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“Even more, you have a chance to build stronger networks and share your challenges and solutions with like-minded individuals leading SMEs and start-ups.”

At only Sh600 per person, the trainers, among other needs, should be able to help you in the short run understand your unique professional value, which you will combine with the necessary business skills to grow your career as an employee or an entrepreneur.

“You are sure to become a person who can rightly transform society.”

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This should, after all, be possible because, apparently, this what Yusudi does best: through workshops and online training, the company is singularly dedicated to developing critical business and soft skills among ambitious youth and other professionals.

“We also deal in up-skilling in areas you have basic skills but don’t feel comfortable enough through a guaranteed internship in a pre-selected company. ”



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