Go for quality, cheap is very expensive – Kirubi

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Kenyan businessman Chris Kirubi tackles one of Kenya’s biting problems where not only entrepreneurs, but ordinary people and even government officials choose to save money  by buying cheap things and the consequences are always costly.

A number of buildings have been collapsing in Nairobi due to this behaviour which has costed so many lives. Mr Kirubi implores entrepreneurs to choose the best quality for whatever they invest in saying the returns are always great.

Cheap is very expensive and I’m sure many of us have learnt the hard way. If you pay very little, DON’T expect quality work. Appreciate people for their experience and their time. Very many employers fail to see this yet they wonder why their businesses are not excelling as they should.

The remuneration you provide and the work environment you create is what motivates employees. Try your best to give them what they deserve because if you take care of them they will take care of your business.

Cheap materials

The same reasoning applies if you use cheap materials to build a state of the art building. Get the the best materials and team that will execute your idea and increase the value of your product. Go for quality, go for character and negotiate the rest.

My friends, when it comes to getting the best, you cannot afford to compromise. The same way you take time making sure you choose and get the best life partner is the same way you should conduct yourself anytime you want the best.

If you love something do not make any compromise. Do your best to get the best. CHOOSE QUALITY.

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