Why you should try Sorghum farming

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Sorghum growing in rural Kenya could help alleviate food shortages caused by lack of sufficient of rainfall and help address malnutrition.

In a social media campaign that was leading trending topics today sponsored by USAID and Kenya Agricultural Value Enterprises Kenyans on twitter were encouraged to make use of the idol land in rural areas to farm sorghum which does well arid in areas and is very nutritious.

Sorghum requires little water for growth hence providing supplement for food and feed for animals.

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Trending under #PandaMtamaMashinani the USAID said that sorghum can reduce the threat of cancer, heart attack and diabetes and isulin related sicknesses.


Its flour is used to make porridge, Ugali, Chapati and cakes. Many Kenyans have been switching from sorghum to maize but erratic weather has seen maize crop failing year after year leading to hunger.

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Due to heavy drought this year, many Kenyans are going without food especially in northern Kenya.

The cereal is also the world’s fifth most important cereal crop after maize, rice, wheat and barley.

Sorghum is also less vulnerable to diseases compared to the other crops like maize and it also used for making beer.

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