Nairobi Innovation Week: Low cost cooking gas from plastics -VIDEO

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Plastic waste that has littered the streets of Nairobi for years can now be used to produce your home cooking gas at half the cost, thanks to Hamisi based entrepreneur.

James Isedia Mulema is making cooking gas from polythene bags and selling it at a fraction of the common LPG gas whose prices are beyond reach for majority of Kenyans.

Megagas Entreprises collects the polythene bags from households and streets and burns them to capture the gas for refilling of 6kg cylinders.

It costs Sh350 to refill a 6kg cylinder compared to more than Sh700 for the normal LPG gas. Mr Mulema says his has been approved by the responsible state agencies and the gas is measured in pressure units to ensure the correct and fare value for money.

He says the product was also inspired by the high cost of cooking fuel given that Kenyans from rural areas cannot afford LPG and have been depleting the vegetation in search of firewood.

How we do it 

“We collect unsorted plastic/ polythene waste from the environment. We do this to create a clean environment free of polythene /plastic waste. We convert the waste to liquid and gaseous fuels through a clean process with no emissions no residues to pollute land, water or air,” said Mr Mulema.

:We fill this gaseous fuel under pressure into cylinders for convenient handling and sell to our clients at affordable price which is half the normal price. The use the clean gaseous fuel for cooking and heating at home.”

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