Enter the Nurse Caller: Why going too soon is an option

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When that curious nurse threatens to drive you over the cliff of life straight into the valley of death– usually because of deliberate negligence–it seems it is a real possibility.

A real possibility it is and people do go to the other world before their time. But it won’t be happening anymore because, if the nurse is not anywhere in sight when you really need them, they will be there nevertheless because they can’t run away anymore, else they will pay the heavy price of a lost life, one way or another, when they truly know they should be there by your side.

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Here is a “Nurse Caller” for you, courtesy of a young creative mind from the Technical University of Mombasa. To cost only Sh1,500 when rolled out, the gadget under development, according to the inventor, is the only saviour when the devil is taking advantage of the fact that the nurse that is not so true to their calling is nowhere to be seen and is quickly driving you to the Grim Reaper.

Instant life saver

When a bedridden patient is urgently in need of critical attention when the nurse is visibly not in sight, they simply have to press a soft button attached to this gadget and the alarm is sounded to get the attention of the nurse in charge from their phone already configured with a Bluetooth,” explains Cynthia Maingi, a third year electrical engineering student.

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Little life to trigger

She says that as long as the patient has life in them, though debilitated by illness, the little strength from their forearm or leg can trigger the alarm to alert the medics to save a life tittering on the brink of death.

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