Kirubi challenges Universities to Think

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Entrepreneur Chris Kirubi has told universities to turn their theoretical knowledge into businesses and create their own revenues and jobs for their students.

The businessman told the higher learning institutions to stop churning out half-baked students who cannot do anything but instead partner with the private sector to help promote practical learning and solve unemployment problems.

He told universities to stop -behaving like babies- and create their own revenues instead of depending on the government over the years. Public universities are at the time struggling with dry bank accounts after delays by the government to disburse money.


“Professors have very good and clear mind. But in many of them, it remains theory. You know theory needs to be converted into action. I personally feel, you have a concentration of very intelligent people in this University, but after very many years, since we were young kids, you are still behaving like a baby relying on your parent to feed you,” he says.

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He was speaking during the Nairobi Innovation week at the University of Nairobi to a group of lecturers, students and financiers.
Kenya is struggling with a swathe of graduates who cannot find jobs even as the country turns to startups to create employment just as the rest of the world.


“Think. It costs you nothing. It is the only product you can use, and use, and use and nobody will charge you. If you watch DStv, you pay, anything else you pay. But nobody will call you to pay for thinking,” says Chris Kirubi.

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