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Is there any relationship between the way your body functions and the rest of the universe? You definitely do not need a lot of physics knowledge to know that humans perceive vibrations from their environments in certain wavelengths.

There are various things happening around us but we do not perceive them because we aren’t designed to pickup signals travelling at certain wavelengths. The same applies to seeing and thinking.

So what does this have to do with entrepreneurship? Speaking to Risk Takers in Nairobi today, Freja Gro of Effortlez, a company that trains entrepreneurs to achieve more by tapping into themselves says she grew up in a tough environment living with a single mother who had a difficult time and was blaming other people for her problems.

She was forced to think critically about life and whether life is totally dependent on what other people do to us or what circumstances hand to us. She believed that she deserved to be happy and no one was going to hand it to her.


She says that if we take time to reflect on who we are and meditate to really find out who we are, then we can put off the pressure put on us by the systems of the world and the society at large and instead and tap into who we are.

She explains that just like energy which is constantly in motion, that you are not stuck in your current situation, that you can move out of the circumstances you don’t like and instead recreate your language.

“When we decide to lose ourselves or let go of ourselves then we find ourselves, we all have our personal frequency, but the world we are makes it hard to experience our personal frequencies since we tend to believe we are the bad thoughts and things happening to us,” says Ms Gro.

She says self-awareness strengthens our intuition which makes us more effective since our personal frequencies get aligned with the outside world. We are in tune with the energy field around us.

Neither bad nor good

She says everything that happens to us is neither bad nor good because but two sides of the same coin adding that we should learn what every experience is teaching us. According to Gro, humans have the capacity to be co-creators with their creator by having an awareness of who they are and connecting to the larger universe.

If you understand that you are the creator, then you do not worry about what is happening in the world but should instead take responsibility of what is happening inside of our lives. We can do by meditating more often and listening to ourselves

People with higher frequencies influence others but offcourse others have a free will to choose. Ms Gro takes it to a higher level on April 1, at the Nairobi Garage on Ngong Road.

Most entrepreneurs who succeed tend to pursue their inner passion which makes them connect with their inner creating capabilities, explains Gro.


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