5 Keys to creating exponential innovations

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We are just beginning to live in the age of exponential of innovations creating abundance as people move from linear productivity to exponential productivity. Uber and electric cars have dramatically cut transport costs, Andela, Bridge and Khan academy type schools are disrupting education as solar roofing brings abundance in energy.

So how does one move towards creating abundance with a moonshot innovation? Here are a few proven ideas as shared by Nicholas Haan, Vice President of Singularity University, Silicon Valley during the Singularity East African challenge at the Nairobi National Museum yesterday.

Look for massive inefficiencies

Look for situations where resources are used wastefully and help design a model that saves and creates value. For instance, how do we end the use of 20 litres of water to flash the toilet every time we enter the washroom. The products of petroleum except paraffin were only discovered after someone decided to get more from crude oil over and above kerosene, can you get something extra from what is being thrown away?

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Look for abundant resources

How do we convert an abundant resource that has little use in its current state to solve a problem that many people appreciate? For instance how do we cost effectively convert salty water into fresh water.

End state creation

See the end state of what you want to make, then begin at where you are, visualise the final plan to get to your dream.

Paradigm shift

Challenge the existing schools of thought in order to bring about something new, you will rarely get something new by relying on established thinking.

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Go out and do what you wish to do without any doubt or else it will be just another wish that will never be fulfilled. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

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