Kenya’s Most Inspiring High Growth Startups

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Big companies in Kenya may not be hiring, in fact they are firing, but what many cannot see is the undercurrent of several high growth startups creating high quality jobs. Fifty companies operating in Kenya have been named in London Stock Exchange’s inaugural ‘Companies to Inspire Africa’ report.

This group of Startups that represent the future of Kenya actually account for 14 percent of the total number of companies in the report, one of the highest concentrations of high-growth companies in Africa.

Craft Silicon

Kenyan companies included in the list include Cellulant, D.light, Craft Silicon, Shop Soko and Bit Pesa.

Almost half of the Kenyan companies operate in innovative industries, with 14 companies in the renewable energy space and 11 in technology and telecoms

The report identifies 343 companies from 42 African countries as the continent’s most exciting and dynamic small businesses.

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The companies delivered impressive average compound annual growth rate (revenue) of 16 percent over a 3 year period 2013-2015. You may be looking for a job with the wrong companies, those companies with big names are actually firing people.

West Africa

West Africa companies top the list with 31 percent of companies in the list, closely followed by East Africa with 26 percent and Southern Africa with 22 percent.

South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are the countries with the most companies in the publication, each represented by over 50 companies.

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“For the first time ever, we have identified hundreds of Africa’s most inspirational and dynamic private companies. The report demonstrates the huge role that small and medium-sized enterprises are playing as the driving force behind African economies: developing skills, creating high-quality jobs and delivering growth,” said Xavier Rolet, Chief Executive, London Stock Exchange.

The mentioned startups included in the report will be celebrated at an event in Nairobi on 12 May.

The report was produced in partnership with African Development Bank Group, CDC Group and PwC who contributed their expertise to the report, and is sponsored by Citi, Diamond Bank and FTI Consulting.

Company             Sector         Location               Website

Acorn Group      Industry               Kenya

Azuri Technologies Limited          Renewable Energy          Kenya

BBOXX Kenya Limited     Renewable Energy          Kenya, Rwanda

BitPesa Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Bridge International Academies Consumer Services          Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria      

Brookside Dairy Limited Consumer Services          Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda    

Cellulant              Financial Services             Kenya

Chandaria industries       Consumer Services          Kenya

Craft silicon         Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Cross Boundary Energy  Renewable Energy   Kenya, South Africa, Mali    

d.light   Renewable energy          Kenya

Davis & Shirtliff Ltd          Industry               Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia      

Eaton Towers    Technology & Telecoms Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya

Envirofit               Renewable Energy          Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria

Factor(E) Ventures          Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Future Pump Kenya Limited         Renewable Energy          Kenya

Globeleq             Industry               Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa

Globology           Other    Uganda, Kenya

Gro Intelligence Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Java House         Consumer Services          Kenya

Kenya Highland Seed Co. Limited               Agriculture          Kenya   N/A

Kiboko Holdings Limited                Consumer Services          Kenya, Mauritius, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania      

Kisima Farms Limited      Agriculture          Kenya   N/A

Komaza (Novastar, Kenya)           Agriculture          Kenya

Kopo Kopo          Technology & Telecoms Kenya, Sierra Leone

Landmark Africa               Other    Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Kenya     

Lendable             Financial Services             Kenya

Maarifa Education Holdings         Consumer Services          Kenya

Mentor Management Limited    Industry               Kenya

Micro-Energy Credits      Renewable Energy          Kenya

M-Kopa Renewable Energy          Kenya

M-LAW SERVICES             Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Mount Kenya Gardens  Limited  Agriculture          Kenya

One Degree Solar             Renewable energy          Kenya

Penda Health (Novastar, Kenya) Healthcare & Pharma     Kenya   N/A

Poa        Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Porini Ltd             Consumer Services          Kenya

Redavia Renewable energy          Kenya, Tanzania      

Sanergy (Novastar, Kenya)           Renewable Energy          Kenya

Sendy Limited    Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Shop Soko           Consumer Services          Kenya

SunCulture         Renewable energy          Kenya

Suntransfer Kenya Investment Limited   Renewable Energy          Kenya

Telkom Kenya    Technology & Telecoms Kenya

UAP Holdings (now UAP Old Mutual Group)         Financial Services             Kenya

Umati Capital Limited     Financial Services             Kenya

VAELL Kenya      Financial Services             Kenya

Village Industrial Power Renewable energy          Kenya

Wananchi            Technology & Telecoms Kenya

Western Seed Co. Limited            Agriculture          Kenya   N/A

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