BitHub Releases Blockchain Opportunity Report

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Blockchain accelerator BitHub.Africa has released a report mapping opportunities presented by the emerging Blockchain industry targeted at investors, entrepreneurs and researchers.

The report from the Nairobi based BitHub highlights 16 major cryptocurrencies that could redefine finance and e-commerce going forward.

The organization seeks to explore the opportunities that can be exploited by the new technology which is just on the brink of explosion across the world but is being held back by regulator nerversness and fear of cybercrime alongside others.

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The technology has unlocked various aspects of finance including money transfer as seen in the case of Bitpesa, financing and fundraising as shown by bitbond and other numerous opportunities.

“Africa has been adopting mobile money platforms like M-Pesa, that enable digital transactions using fiat currencies, faster than any other region in the entire globe. In this Report we have comprehensively reviewed 16 Crypto-currencies and Blockchain platforms that we believe will DISRUPT existing Incumbents across key sectors like Finance, Technology, and Commerce,” said BitHub

Traditional centralized banking

“People are beginning to bypass traditional centralized banking and payment systems in much of the developed world and beginning to feel the benefits of decentralized currency through increased adoption of mobile and internet-based blockchain technology,” BitHub says.

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Late 2015, the central bank of Kenya published a presser in the dailies saying the government does not recognize the use of digital currencies warning that who use them or encourage their use were flouting the rules.

BitHub provides incubation services, consultancy and training in the blockchain space. The report is available for sale and the proceeds will be used to support the incubation centre.

“You may purchase as many copies as you wish, which will enable the BitHub.Africa team drive the adoption of Bitcoin & Blockchain technology across Africa according to our roadmap,” said hub.

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