Kenya has the Fastest Internet Speeds in Africa – Report

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Kenya leads the continent on fast internet speeds and affordability perhaps underlining its well performing startup ecosystem.

Kenya is ranked number 23 out of a total 108 countries ranked according to the latest Akamai’s State of the Internet Connectivity Report.

“Kenya’s speed ranks higher than Israel at 14.4Mbps, Qatar 11.9Mbps, South Africa recorded 6.6 mbps, Morocco 5.2 mbps, and Nigeria 4.1 mbps,” the report said.

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This therefore means that young Kenyans are better placed to develop their ideas and take them to the market faster compared to the rest of the continent. Kenya has been investing in infrastructure in the last decade but internet costs have remained high until an influx of more players especially startups who have pushed down costs.

South Korea has the highest average connection speed globally at 26.1 megabytes per second (Mbps).

Here are the top ten best performers globally

  1. South Korea: 26.1Mbps
  2. Norway: 23.6Mbps
  3. Sweden: 22.817.3Mbps
  4. Hong Kong: 21.9Mbps
  5. Switzerland: 21.23Mbps
  6. Denmark: 20.7Mbps
  7. Finland 20.6Mbps
  8. Singapore: 20.2Mbps
  9. Japan: 19.6Mbps
  10. Netherlands: 17.6Mbps

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