Watch out, hackers target startups too

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Cyber security is not all about IT but it concerns the entire organization. PHOTO | COURTESY

Many startups assume that they are immune from cyber-attacks.

Whether you are a small company or a multinational, hackers do not discriminate. In fact, some hackers just crawl around on the web looking for valuable data. Your startup maybe a victim in their escapades.

In a world on the move due to constant technological developments and innovation, everyone has become a target.

Data breaches can be a setback especially to small companies that are just starting.

Cyber security is not all about IT but it concerns the entire organization and how best its information is safeguarded.

Besides ignoring the fact that cyber security is indeed a point of concern for all organizations, most small enterprises find themselves in a situation where they do not know the data they have as an organization and as well as where they have stored it.

Depth of the threat

Without that understanding, it is very hard to get the depth of the threat your organization is facing in the event of a cyber-attack. With that also, it is likely not to know how best to respond in the event of an attack.

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The question that most small organisations as is how best to avert cyber-attack risk and how to respond in the event they fall victim.

First, it is important for organisations to understand how important securing their data is. Upon that, they can be bale to allocate enough resources to build a reliable security framework. And just having resources is not enough, the management and employees should understand what data they have and the security framework they need to adopt.

Protective measures

Second, it is necessary to be in the digital light. Bringing everybody onboard and taking initiatives to learn and understand different types of attacks and their consequences can help startups develop protective measures.

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Third, it is suicidal to misunderstand third party services. Most startups do not have the capacity to acquire their own systems as such they rely on third party. Therefore, majority assume that all the risks are transferred to the leased services. This is not the case, data security starts with an individual.

Lastly, being out of date is a gate pass to intruders. Though expensive at times, always ensure that all the systems have the latest patches and updates. This includes regular updates on servers, workstations, and software among others.

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