How are you doing with your New Year resolutions?

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As the second quarter of the year is steadily but surely wearing away— indeed it is only five days to May, and only 7 months to end of the year— and you are getting ready to usher in another quarter, it may be perfectly fitting to ask yourself whether by this time you are giving life all you have.

That radical soul-searching is necessary now should be obvious because you must have had your fantastic (or is it realistic?) New Year resolutions.

To be honest, even I, am radically searching myself and bench-marking what I have already done against what is remaining, and it is quite a lot. In other words, I have done quite little so far and it is worrying me to the bones.

Yet in hindsight I realise that worrying is not the solution here, but chopping away bit by bit at the elephant in the room is. It is not late too late to mend. It is not over until it is over.

As you turn that wakening bit in your head, helping us go about life in its fullest sense (and rigorously so) is a young professional and a mother of one who apparently uses every hour of the twenty four far quite effectively and rather exhaustively: why, she is purposively timely, productive and proactive, not forgetting that she goes for whatever she sets her heart and mind to.

A recent graduate of Nazarene University school of Business and IT, Nicole Nzoka, just in her early twenties,is an enthusiastic and determined entrepreneur-professional whose profile quite a mouthful.

“I am a Finance, Art and Craft teacher, dancer, singer and mentor,” she begins, as goes ahead to unleash almost like another list of attributes and professional commitments:

“I am a hardworking, independent, self-reliant, passionate mother of a two-year old son who loves God and is consciously determined to make a huge positive difference in the world.”

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After a few minutes, with the rather long introduction over, the in-charge of projects at Beyonde Labs, a booming software development company, goes on to give us some quick snippets on how she goes about doing so much without showing a sign of crushing under the weight of what would normally demand our full attention or even what we would have brought upon ourselves because of

“I am an avid reader of productivity articles and what I get almost every day is what I try on myself and others, and I am glad to report that it usually pays off big.”

After that self-revelation Nicole says, as the starting point of productivity and proactivity, it takes knowing and exerting oneself to achieve quite difficult but rewarding goals.

The founder of Taka Smart, a waste management startup also says it takes perfect prioritizing for one to get quite far in life.

“And being focused, and being persistent to the end,” she notes.

When work and life challenges inevitably arise, the ‘trans-nighter’-early-riser calmly advises:

“Nothing is really a life-and-death situation; take it easy and deal with it one problem and task at a time.”



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