Nathaniel Peat Plans Nairobi Solar Assembly Line

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GeNNex Co-founder and Nathaniel Peat and Branson

The number of solar energy service providers has been on a sudden rise in the past, however most of all this solar equipment is imported from abroad leaving a supply chain gap of manufacturing or assembly.

It is for this reason that solar startup firm GeNNex plans to install an assembly line in Nairobi for supply to the rest of Africa tapping into a huge market that could revolutionize its business if caution is taken to fend off imports.

With companies such as Azuri Technologies, M-Kopa, Pawame, Pay-Go, d:light, Angaza and several others based in Nairobi, it provides GeNNex with immense opportunity to for its planned assembly line in Nairobi.

This will also provide more job opportunities for the youth as the startup sector leads in job creation at a time when big companies are cutting jobs. The move comes at a time when the government is set to enforce a law that requires developers to install solar water heating systems on real estate developments.

The government will from May this year enforce a law where residential houses from three bed-roomed houses upwards, schools, hospitals and other large institutions will be required to install solar water heating systems.

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Co-Founded by UK resident Nathaniel Peat, GeNNex provides a range of black solar products and power solutions for homes, business and commercial property.

Important market

Peat, says Kenya has become an important market for them having already invested Sh26.4 million in the market.

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A large percentage of Kenyans still do not have electricity despite government efforts to expand the reach of the national grid, power from the national grid is also expensive. However the bigger market is largely in the rest of Africa.

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