Beaten by City Life, Entrepreneur Rises in Poultry

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Mr Mwatia at his farm

That is why I’ve said
Tis better to return home
Because the cash from the town,
If I depend on it to pay dowry,
I might live all my life without a wife

This 1970s Kikuyu song depicts the life of  a young man Chrisostim Mwatia from Sichirai area of Lurambi Sub County who like many could not hack it in Nairobi.

Like many, he had left home for Nairobi after completing high school for something better, “Due to lack of  technical skills, I only qualified for the menial back-breaking and low-paying blue collar jobs,” he said.

He looked into the future and couldn’t see any promise in Nairobi and decided to sell some of his personal belongings added to his savings and left for home in western Kenya in October 2014.

He dived right into the poultry farming business starting with an initial stock of 1000 chicks at a cost of 100,000.


About 947 chicks survived which he sold after six weeks at Sh450. “After deducting all costs and re-stocking, I made a profit of about Sh. 180,000 which I earn four times a year,” he explains.

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“I went for the improved indigenous breeds because they are dual purpose and fast-maturing. At the six months, they are ready for consumption and also to lay eggs,” he says.

He makes feeds at home to help reduce the rather prohibitive cost of feeds. He has procured an incubator to begin breeding chicks for himself and cut the cost of doing business.

He has attended several workshops and training seminars to help grow his management skills and get new ideas. He went for poultry because of high demand for the birds in the area and the country at large.

Having grown up in western Kenya, Mwatia needed to come to Nairobi to really appreciate what they had back home.

The huge acres of idol land(space) in western Kenya has many years been taken for granted with so many opportunities left behind by those who have been trained in school to pass exams so they can get good jobs.

The entrepreneur employs a policy of all-in all-out and was able to sell the entire stock within a period of three months, raking in about Sh. 450,000.

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