How Thandiwe Muriu Made it in Photography

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Thandiwe Muriu

Thandiwe Muriu is a young Kenyan photographer with several awards to her name including Kenya Photography Awards, Portraiture Photography and the most promising young photographer in 2013 for her exemplary work.

She has showcased her work at Picture Africa Exhibition and work with Oriflamme Sweden and the Safari Collections.

She met with Felix Mwandwa, a budding entrepreneur who perhaps sees himself in her, and here is how the conversation went.

She narrated how at 14 she could take her dad’s camera for a photo taking adventure and followed that trail that led to her success and here are the tips she has to budding photographers and other entrepreneurs.

1.Start With What You Have

As beginners, we are drawn to high-end equipment and forget that we need to start somewhere. If you allow yourself to be malleable and start working with what you have, you can produce amazing pictures than a person owning a DSLR. On Instagram, I have seen photographers take amazing pictures using their phones. It’s not the gear it’s the will to push yourself to start.

2.Find Your Niche

When Thandiwe Muriu was starting out she used to shoot everything and anything. There is no wrong in doing so, this exposes you to a particular niche. For her, it was fashion photography. There are many spaces in the photography industry and one cannot master all of them. It is best to master one particular field and run with it. She shared it is necessary to create a signature and create a strong brand with it.

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3. Post Images Along The Lines You Want To Be Hired To Do

Creating a niche for yourself allows you to master a space that you love and given a job, you will execute with ease and precision. This allows you to draw clients that are in line with the type of photography you are in.

4.Be Professional With Family And Friends

As a photographer, you need to learn to separate friendship and business for this allows you to stay in business. This can be achieved by coming up with appealing packages that make them feel that they are getting the best deal from you. Also read: He Dumped Campus to Create a Sh5m Photo Business

Article was first written by Felix Mwendwa and re-edited for this portal.

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