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Many older people take digital influencers as another name for -unemployed and still living with their parents.  This and other conversations leave many wondering whether one can really make a decent income living from such online ventures and creates the need for a detailed research.

The thought of making money on social media still sounds like a dream-world to many, digital influencers are part of the new crop of workers created by the internet making money by literally working their mobile phones, however like any other business it is not a get rich quick venture, one has to build value through years of hard work and patience?

On twitter, Instagram and Facebook, digital influencers capitalize on their huge social media following to push advertising and PR content for their clients to earn themselves an income but what does it take and who are the people doing it?.

However just like any other business, it takes a lot of time to really command a huge influence on any social media platform and that is what makes the difference between success and failure. For instance, trying to build a genuine following on Instagram one may need more than a year to get a following of 3,500 users. On twitter you may end up with less than 1,000 for a whole year’s efforts.

If you are staying on your own, one year may have eaten significantly into your savings when you have not started earning anything. It is therefore advisable that as one grows their influence on social media, they should perhaps be doing something else as their main job otherwise they could find themselves without an income.

Most followed Kenyans

In Kenya for instance there a number of individuals with significant twitter following which they use or could easily leverage to earn an income by pushing content such as events promotion for both big and small companies alike. Individuals who are not politicians with a large following on titter include Xtian Dela, Cyprian Nyakundi, Larry Madowo, Robert Alai most of whom do promotions for an income.

Xtian Dela actually says he quite a well-paying sixfigure job for his digital influencer thing saying he is getting more money than if he was employed. He has been ranked the second most influential person on twitter in Africa after Nigeria’s  JJ Omojuwa. The Nigerian winner may have had more easy because of the country’s huge population but Kenya’s little population make it had for anyone to grow upto more than 1 million followers that Xtina Dela has.

There also other influencers with as low as 15,000 followers who are earning considerable income as digital influencers depending on the level of their clients.

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It has to be noted that the above have spent years pushing out appealing content to their audiences to grow their followers. Because of the time it takes to grow the volume of followers, many have resorted to growing fake followers and even selling accounts with fake followers but the impact of such accounts is not as effective as a genuine account.

For companies to choose to use your twitter or Instagram handle to pass their content means that one has to have a large following than a local radio station or a newspaper or any other competing medium and that is a key factor. It also has a lot to do with the structure of one’s following and the target market of the advertiser.

Professional photography

For Instagram specialists, one of the tools that may help one differentiate themselves from the rest is for instance high quality images since the social media site is all about photo quality and hence professional photography is a plus.

One added that skills that some experts in the field have is coding skills which helps them to understand their medium more and hence able to fix their challenges quicker and grow faster. One also needs publicity opportunities such as speaking engagements and media opportunities to help boost their audience and elevate them to a higher orbit.

This tells you that in all businesses the virtues of hard work and patience that are necessary for creating value cannot be replaced by technology. One’s online reputation is also very important since no company wants their products associated with a bad name.


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