African Nations with the Most Tech hubs Ranked

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that Africa will build the future, a sentiment echoed by Andela Africa founder Jeremy who said that the future of tech shall be written in Africa.

Tech hub ecosystem is booming in Africa and we used this activities to find out which African countries are front-running the race.

Technology hubs are fusion centres where a community of people from across the world meet to share ideas while tapping into the available resources. They are enablers that help accelerate the actualization of ideas.

In an African context, tech hubs are driving innovation on the continent. With an ever growing number of hubs, a GSMA study revealed the number of tech hubs on the continent at 314 in 93 cities across 42 countries. Although the numbers from their study may have increased, it still provides a good base to see which African countries are leading the innovation race.

Here are the 9 African countries with the most tech hubs:

9) Senegal: This West African country has a total of 10 active tech hubs which sees it come in at number 9 on this list of African countries with the most tech hubs.
8) Uganda: Uganda is a landlocked East African country. With a total of 12 active tech hubs, Uganda is eighth on this list.
7) Tunisia: Located in North Africa, Tunisia comes in at number 7 on this list with a total of 15 active tech hubs.
6) Ghana: West African country Ghana has a total of 16 active tech hubs. These 16 hubs see the country ranked as number 6 on this list.
5) Morroco: Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean the Mediterranean Sea Sea, has 21 active tech hubs in the country. These active hubs give Morocco the rating of number 5 in this list of African countries with the most tech hubs.

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4) Nigeria: West African giants Nigeria has a total of 23 tech hubs. This total puts Nigeria in at number 4 on this list of African countries with the most tech hubs.
3) Kenya: East African country, Kenya, is known as one of the most innovative countries in Africa. With a total of 27 active tech hubs, Kenya is number 3 on this list.
2) Egypt: Located in North African, Egypt has a total of 28 active tech hubs which sees the country come in at number 2 on this list of African countries with the most tech hubs.

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1)South Africa: Located at the Southern tip of the continent, South Africa is ranked as number 1 on this list. With a total of 54 active tech hubs, South Africa is leading the ICT revolution on the African continent.
By Dean Workman

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