Audit firms CEOs top Kenya List of Employed Billionaires

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Unlike the common belief that you cannot be rich in employment here is a list of a few Kenyans who have managed to break that myth by earning themselves a sit at the table of billionaires. But this does not come easy. Many of them have hard to rise up to the top of the corporate ladder while running businesses on the side to earn that medal.

Most of this employed billionaires are in the auditing and consulting sector with PwC, Ernst and Young and KPMG making the top executive office a sure billionaire spot.

It however remains true that the fastest but toughest way to build wealth is by entrepreneurship. It should also be known that rich people tend to make money despite tough times. This KRA list of tax payers shows employed billionaires who have joined the list of must sought after high net worth individuals.

  • KPMG’s chief executive, Josphat Mwaura
  • Ernst & Young’s CEO, GitahiGichahi
  • Former chairman of the ethics and anti-corruption commission Philip Kinisu.
    Mr Kinisu is also a former chief of PwC.
  • James Mwangi and several other Kenyan bank CEOs.
    Other uditors on the list of high-net-worth professionals include Philip Muema, Geoffrey Karuu, Peter Anchinga, Gulamhusein Fakrudin, Patrick Kamau, Brian Disouza and Jacob Gathecha.

Others are SportPesa chairman Paul Ndung’u and Andrew Ndegwa (of the Philip Ndegwa business dynasty).
The CEO of Kenya’s biggest company safaricom Bob Collymore is no where near being a billionaire. He was worth Sh277 million last year.

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The wealth of these individuals was arrived at by compiling incomes earned from employment, private partnerships, marketable securities and the array of businesses they control.

It is not clear how audit firms manage to produce such as high number of CEO billionaire’s but their line of business also exposes them to a wide range of of opportunities in various industries. Africa is also however also struggling due to companies that cook books and several audit firms have been accused of cooking books of troubled companies and this is a sure source of money for this boys.

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