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Every year our varsities and colleges produce young vibrant graduates for the competitive job market. Full of life and eager to start your career journey, you creatively draft your CV and prepare all the necessary documents in a bid to attract potential employers. You even further your search by enrolling with various recruitment firms to assist you in securing a job. Essentially, ‘tarmacking’ becomes the order of the day.

Let’s face it, time is of essence and your 20’s is somewhat the peak of your life both physically and mentally. This is where you begin to shape your future and essentially your career. As you ‘wait’ to become employed there is so much you can do. Internship being one of them.

Many graduates feel that internship is not for them or it does not pay enough. The urgency for financial independence, greed for money and a lavish lifestyle overshadows the importance of internship and volunteer work. We forget that it’s a means to get into the workplace, learn new skills and utilize the knowledge you have acquired to market yourself.

These are opportunities that can open doors for you and get you your dream job. However, I am aware that there are companies that misuse their interns but majority provide a conducive environment and learning space.

Afraid to execute

Self-employment is ideally something most people desire but are afraid to execute. Whether you are considering opening a business or becoming an entrepreneur, you are not guaranteed anything unless you try. For some of you, your families own several businesses and assets such as land. You basically have an opportunity to begin working by helping to run the business or be involved in farming. Use such opportunities to foster growth and acquire experience. You may even find out that you are excelling in self-employment and make the choice to establish your career there.

Entrepreneurship encourages independence and ownership. While employment gives you some sort of security, self-employment gives you a great sense of satisfaction.

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As a graduate and even as a professional, you need to have an open mind and have a contingency plan if things do not work out as you had planned. You may have lost your job or continuously experienced losses in your business. However, that does not mean that you cannot change ship. Nothing is certain in life; we operate on trial and error. If employment is not working maybe you need to look for opportunities to be self-employed or venture into consultancy.

Diversify your interests

Don’t confine your mind to one path. As a business man, you also need to make sure you diversify your interests as collateral. Be devoted to your job and your business but execute wisdom while at it. Seek opportunities and manage your time so that you can effectively have multiple sources of income.

Network and meet professionals and mentors in your area of specialization. Create cordial business partnerships that will challenge you intellectually and build you.

Make money while you are young. Even for those in high school, nothing stops you from making a little extra cash or getting involved in projects that will create opportunities for you in future. Hustle now and take risks while you can afford to do so because a time will come when you will not have the strength to work as hard or the ability to take risks.  You are out here to create a great future for yourself and make money. Start today.


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