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You are a budding entrepreneur who wants to make a mark in life and make tones of money by solving a major problem that faces humans but you can’t figure out how. Huge business opportunities exist where there is abundant supply of raw material but the end product is in acute shortage. Something that everyone should have that has multiple user growth.

Great entrepreneurs identify problems in society and help people solve them. Here are some of the pressing issues in our country that people desperately need solutions for.

Purification of sea water

Almost every part of Kenya and many parts of the world suffer from lack of sufficient water either due to drought or poor infrastructure to take the water it is most needed. Conversion of sea water into fresh water requires a lot of energy even-though the technology is available. Anyone who can purify sea water at the lowest cost possible will make billions of money. Water will soon be the new oil. The existing oil pipelines may one day be used to transport water from the sea to the hinterland for irrigation and human use as electricity replaces oil.

Electric vehicles

Currently as we speak the race for production of electric cars has just started and the current producers of electric cars cannot even replace 1 percent of the world’s fuel powered cars. The need for efficient cars that are environmentally friendly is commonplace. Every government is ready to provide incentives to support such initiatives and the market is abundant. By 2015 there were about 1 million electric cars in the world compared to more than almost a billion cars. Kenya’s production of electricity is growing rapidly and electric cars will be among the main consumers of that power. Electric bykes will be key players in this market.

Human waste disposal

Conversion of human waste into useful products such as fertilizer and energy is one area where raw materials are abundant but there is lack of wide-scale use of the resource. There exists a huge potential for anyone who can devise a way of making human waste useful to man cost effectively. There has never been a large scale use of human waste in a way that helps eliminate the growing human waste burden.

Affordable housing

High population growth has and will always put pressure on supply of housing even as high land prices further heightens prices. Cost efficient but high quality housing will always be in demand since the bottom of the pyramid holds the highest market for housing but cannot afford ordinary expensive houses.

Water Saving technology

A lot of water is flushed down the toilet everyday leading to millions of water lost to the sewer. An efficient way of disposing human waste or finding a way of using bathroom waste water and kitchen waste water to flush toilets could save a lot of water and make the owner of that technology very successful. This is a problem that you could property developers to solve but no one is doing it and the wastage continues.

Cutting the cost of Education

Many have devised ways of delivering education via online platforms but education still remains very expensive and the market remains largely untapped especially at the university level. Any well-organized virtual learning setup that is very affordable can attract a lot of demand especially in Africa where many cannot afford quality education.

Food production

Many countries around the world are in short supply of food. For instance Kenya produces only a third of its rice, wheat and maize requirements and imports the rest. This are huge market opportunities for anyone who can produce at a cheaper price. The demand for beef will also continue to rise as population increases over time even as the space of land available for pastures also declines. Those who can make effective food preservation methods are low costs also have a huge market to serve. Fish is currently the most of expensive food in Nairobi and those who produce fish are brisk business.

Cyber security

Everyone has a mobile phone and all these mobile phones have internet. People need security. No one wants to hear that their whatsapp messages were read by someone else or their conversations have been tapped by hackers. This is a service who demand is growing and will continue to grow. Companies want safety of their customer data and the government wants to keeps its data safe from enemies.

Opportunities that can drive one into achieving greatness are in problems that everyone faces while the available technologies are not affordable for mass deployment. Finding a way of cutting those costs helps one to avoid competition and flourish quickly.

Find something that many people need but think is impossible and take it on. If you solve it then you will have helped many people and money follows people who solves a problem and avoids those who look for it.

Setting apart time to think about the future can also unlock a problem that may not be there now but in the future so that you start working on it now.

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