Google opens free learning portal to Kenyans

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Kenyans who want to take advantage of the internet and the opportunities it provides can now acquire skills on almost everything for free thanks to Digital Skills Africa.

Internet giant Google has launched Digital Skills Africa to help you start your business online and sell your products without paying a cent in it’s ambition to train 1 million Africans.

With 500 million Africans expected to be online by 2020 there is a huge opportunity on the continent and the internet economy is just in its infancy.


Google will teach you how to optimise your website, how to drive customers to your portal using search engine optimisation and use social media to achieve your goals and many others. The skills you get from this platform are so good that you stand a chance of getting yourself a good job. They will send you a certificate after completion which you can show prospective employers.

They also have another platform called Slatecube which advances your skills by teaching you how to code and make apps and teach several other skills such as public speaking empowering those who are underprivileged and leveling the playing. On Slatecube however the user is required to pay a small fee such as $5. You get e-books for every lesson. Now you need internet, internet is not free and it will not be free in the near future.

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This is the real free education and users get certificates for it. No need for wasting time attending classes where lecturers are always on strike. You learn what you want quickly and use it to start a business or work from anywhere.

Give you school fees

If you can’t afford college education and you are waiting for someone to give you school fees may be you should consider this platform even as you wait. Nowadays you can get a great job from skills learn’t online and do not have to wait for that degree.

The program is running in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya before expanding to the rest of Africa later on.  Google plans to train 300,000 South Africans, 400,000 Nigerians and 200,000 Kenyans; as well as a further 100,000 from the rest of the region.

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Google joins major US companies in a similar campaign including IBM and Microsoft and Facebook with several other initiatives such as providing low-cost internet. Africa’s internet market remains largely untapped due to low web presence in most parts of the continent.

Education remains a key hinderance to progress in Africa and many are stuck in poverty due to lack of basic education and digital skills Africa is a major milestone in ending the divide.

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