Best Companies to Work for in Kenya according to Glassdoor

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US jobs platform Glassdoor has ranked top 100 companies to work for across the world and here are the best companies in Kenya.

Among the top 100 7 have Kenyan offices including McKinsey &Company, KPMG, Microsoft, 3M, Google, Deloitte Shell and , Cisco, Proctor and Gamble. The companies were ranked on various aspects such as salary, company culture, carrier prospects.

At McKinsey & Company an employee said the training and development opportunities at McKinsey are incredible.

A Microsoft employee said that food is great and cheap, work-life balance allows for me to actually be a normal person.

At Google they boast “extremely intelligent and competent coworkers, exciting products, great management, amazing,”

Someone at Cisco said they have 40 hours a year of volunteer time, “I use it to attend my kids,”

Glassdoor’s annual awards are based on anonymous, voluntary employee input about their workplace over the past year. Ratings are based on a five-point scale, 1.0 being very dissatisfied and 5.0 being very satisfied.

One person who sought anonymity said Glassdoor isn’t an independant arbiter of employers. In fact they regularly remove any negative comments about employers, to make them look better than they are.

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