Advertised Jobs Up 50% says BrighterMonday

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The number of advertised jobs for the month of November went up by 52 percent following a three-month drop in vacancy postings due to the elections.

A survey by jobs website BrighterMonday and research firm TIFA has shown that 2017 has been a difficult year for employers and job seekers.

According to the survey, the job market in Kenya has experienced layoffs in various sectors with media, banking, manufacturing, insurance, NGOs and IT sectors particularly affected by a slow economic growth, political unrest and automation.
“There was a drastic 17 percent drop in job opportunities during the August polls as compared to an average of the three previous months. There was immediate recovering in September where 10 percent increase in job opportunities follow by another sharp 29 percent drop in October when we had a fresh presidential election,” says Emmanuel Mutuma, CEO of BrighterMonday.

Mutuma says the end of political campaigns signifies a more stable environment in the job market.

“There is optimism amongst Kenyans that these statistics will continue on a positive trajectory in the coming months,” adds Mutuma.

The survey shows that job seekers see work experience and an oversupply of graduates as obstacles to employment.

Out of the 1,073 respondents, 53 percent of job seekers are currently unemployed while 41 percent are looking for greener pastures with six percent in self-employment.

About half of those who are unemployed have been jobless for at least one year with 80 percent of the employed job seekers intending to leave their jobs within a year.

The top three things that job seekers are doing to improve chances of getting a job include networking, increasing number of applications sent out and making CVs stand out.

The challenge with job seekers, says TIFA Research CEO Maggie Ireri, is that they are highly educated but not multi skilled, adding that, “multi-skills should become the new normal for jobs seekers wishing to outcompete others.

“It is becoming critical for Kenyan job seekers become trained and competent in multiple skill-sets which may or may not be part of their actual job description. The existence of such employees within a company has immense benefits from increasing productivity to reducing labour costs as companies do not have to hire additional people to do any outstanding jobs,” says Ireri after the launch of the survey.

The report also shows that at the top the list of the items that matter to most job seekers include remuneration and benefits, follow by career progression, conducive work environment, job security and challenging tasks.

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